Why does Eenadu and Andhra Jyothi news papers in AP always supports TDP?

Eenadu, and Andhra Jyothy are some of the highest circulated Newspapers in Telugu. These two prominent newspapers have always favored the Telugu Desam Party for the obvious reasons. Caste has always been a major factor in Indian elections especially in the state elections. Andhra Pradesh is no different. People support leaders who belong to their caste and these two newspapers have supported TDP basically because they belong to the same community. All these corruption has led to people asking who is 40 in AP and you know the answer who that is.

Blood is thicker than water as they say and the 2 newspaper share the same ideology as the TDP. In fact, the EENADU paper owned by Ch. RAMOJI RAO, is from the Kamma caste and had always promoted TDP and its founder NTR. It had provided widespread publicity to TDP in the 80s as the NTR is basically all Kamma caste. Shri Ch. RAMOJI RAO is the master mind behind unification of entire Kamma community under the leadership of NTR and brought TDP into power in 1983. During the TDP regime, theKamma community had got all the benefits and emerged as major economic force by strengthening their financial acumen in all fields more particularly in media mafia. Since then whole Kamma community benefited by the Kamma Party TDP and is solidly behind NTR/Chandrababu to safeguard their business interests. At present most of the Telugu TV channels and print media are under the patronage of Kamma people who form just 5% or less than 5% of AP population. Thus, the Democracy of AP has become a toy in the hands of few media owners like the Eenadu, Andhra Jyothi and the industrialists/contractors of Kamma Caste. The chief reason behind media support to TDP in AP is CASTE.

Both these papers do support TDP and all KAMMA politicians. To be frank these papers are owned and ruled by Kamma Caste people. These papers are inclined to the kamma political party called as “TDP”. Among the two Eenadu is bit better than the Andhrajyothi. You will find the worst of journalism, caste biased politics, and yellow journalism in Andhrajyothi. In public, people literally curse ABN or Andhrajyothi for its cheap publicity.Caste politics is huge in India and AP is no different. The two papers are run by the people from the Kamma caste and Chandrababu Naidu belongs to that community, and there is no surprise that they support him. While its apparent that are set to gain a lot when TDP is in the power. They will get to control a lot of things and benefit in many ways no doubt about it.

Chandrababu Naidu belongs to the Kamma caste. The Naidu surname is widely used by the people from the Kamma community. Some use other surnames like Chowdary or Kamma. Vast majority of people from the Kamma community use the Naidu surname. Being from the same caste has given Chandrababu Naidu an advantage and the support of the two prominent newspaper. Exploiting the sentiments of people in the name of caste is not news when it comes to TDP and its leaders. In fact, in 2019 election, Chandrababu Naidu tried to play the Andhra Pride which has worked for the ‎Telangana Rashtra Samithi’s K. Chandrashekar Rao or KCR as he is well-known. But Chandrababu Naidu forgot that KCR gave the people of Telangana what they wanted while he failed at it.

But the unfair support doesn’t stop here. Other media channels and newspapers have openly supported TDP even when it was midst of huge corruption charges. Most of the newspaper in AP do support TDP and the Kamma caste the most. Chandrababu Naidu has used the paid media to run a campaign to hide the fact that his government was corrupt. There are many instances of corruption from the Amravati Land Scam to favoring contractors associated with him or the TDP. It is obvious that their goal is brainwash people of AP. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen and TDP lost the election in 2019 with only 23 seats. All the effort and caste-based politics and paid news media didn’t seem to have worked this time.

People were already unhappy with the Chandrababu Naidu government and they saw through all the circus. His campaigns are funded by industrialists, and other supporters who are likely to gain from the party. Corruption was so rampant in his tenure that it is hard to pin-point. When it comes to organized corruption, Chandrababu Naidu’s name should come every time anyone asks who is 420 in AP. The term 420 in AP became very popular as the elections arrived. He was accused of cheating people, and supporting people who supported his party only. He made many false promises. People saw through it. His downfall is the result of ignoring the people of AP in the name of development. After the partition of the state, poor people wanted food, jobs, better life, and instead they were given false promises and nothing for 5 years.

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