Mukteshwara Temple Land Possession: The 420 in AP Story

After successfully grabbing the lands of Sadarvati Choultry, the government ruled by Chandrababu Naidu eyed the holy areas of the Mukteshwara Temple. This time the TDP government gave away the endowment of worth Rs 25 crores nestled near the river Krishna of the Krishna district to a former Minister of Telugu Desam Party. And this was done under the pretext of developing the tourism aspects of the location. The one who is 420 in AP palmed off more than 50 acres of land that belonged to Mukteshwara Swami situated in the Jaggayyapeta Mandal of the Mukthyala village of Krishna district on a lease that extended for a more extended period of time than usual.

But, after all, this shouldn’t come across as a shock because this is the style of the former CM of AP to loot the state of all its resources. In this article, we will discuss with you the details of leasing out the lands of Mukteshwara Temple comprising of 50.31 acres, which was leased out at just Rs 10 lakhs a year.

The story behind the land encroachment of Mukteshwara Temple!

According to the officers responsible for the endowment policy, around 170 acres of agricultural property in the neighboring villages of Mukthyala are owned by Bhavani Muktheswara Swami Temple. About 50.31 acres of land is situated in the areas near Krishna River, and others were under the survey of 149 and 150 ward. The former minister of TDP made a request to the then ruling government for developing a tourist resort on these lands that are dedicated to the Mukteshwara Temple.

The shocking part is the government, when ruled by the one who is 420 in AP moved this file by the former minister for the official procedures within no time. The part which needs to be highlighted here is the clout the person had who requested the granting of the permission. The ex-minister in question here was related to an MLC, who worked in the position of a secretary in the Trust Bhawan of NTR, Hyderabad, and was also termed as his political advisor/guru.

The issue was brought up in the cabinet meeting, and the request for such a grant was put on hold for a certain period of time when the matter gained public attention. But, the government somehow managed to prepare the ground for this dubious motion and gave away the land to the former minister of the TDP government. The field officials were ignored, and the key officials in the Endowment Department swiftly carried out the job and took decisions that favored the capricious motives of the ex-Minister and Chandrababu Naidu as well.

The lease amount of valuable land is a meager amount of 20 thousand Rupees!

Certain proposals were made that leased out 50.31 acres of land for 33 years for Rs 20,000 to be charged per acre that cumulates to Rs 10 lakhs per year. Later, a provision was also added that stated the lease agreement could further be renewed on the basis of the request. The local people from the villages said that the Ex-minister owns more than 200 acres of land near the land of the Mukhteshwara Temple. Typically, the TDP leader sought help from the government concerned with the temple land to complete his tourism plans.

This proposal received widespread criticism stating that the ex-minister was trying to invade the land dedicated to the temple and then merge with his property, under the false pretext of establishing a tourism project.

The government played with the Devotees’ Sentiments!

The government’s proposal shocked the official circles to give away the holy land of Mukhteshwara Temple in the name of tourism development. The TDP government stooped down to such a level that it paid no heed even to the sentiments of the devotees. Liquors and Non-vegetarian food were being served in the nearby resorts in order to attract not only domestic tourists but also international customers. This was when the resentment against the TDP government by the people of the state started to seethe, and the anger became palpitating when the one who is 420 in AP decided to give away the area belonging to Bhavani Mukhteshware Swami Temple to the former minister of TDP in the guise of a project used for tourist attraction.

Bottom Line:

The corrupted activities of the one who is 420 in AP, along with his ministers involved, knew no bounds. It seemed as if this was the ultimate motive of the Telugu Desam Party to take over the commanding position in the state of AP and then loot it of all its riches. The false claims made by Chandrababu Naidu showed up during his tenure as the CM of Andhra Pradesh.

Such was the diabolical motive of the TDP Ministers that they didn’t even flinch once before handing over the holy lands to their cronies and Benamis. It was not only about playing with the sentiments of the devotees but also ruining the name of Andhra Pradesh as a state. Due to the malicious plans of these ministers, AP was listed among one of the most corrupted states in India. Read previous blog: Chandrababu Naidu Shot Up The Totapalli Project Costs to Benefit the Contractors

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