How Naidu Govt Looted the Development Fund with Fake MLAs

During his reign as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh after bifurcation, Chandrababu Naidu had allowed many scams. Some of the them seriously offensive as it involves looting public money. In some cases, the TDP govt had the audacity to use the name of fake MLAs to loot the money that was meant for the development purposes.

This tale of fake identity is from the Santanutalpaduconstituency in Andhra Pradesh. The Special Development Fund or the SDF funds were misdirected towards the MLA who wasn’t an MLA. In this case, Rs. 301 Crores from the SDF Funds went to TDP Leaders instead of the working MLA. In fact, no TDP member won the seat in the constituency. As per the AP government’s GO, dated March31, 2017, the TDP govt had issued Rs. 2crores grant for the development of roads in Santanutalpaduconstituency. It was in accordance with the requestfrom ‘the constituency MLA B.N.Vijaya Kumar’.

In reality though, the certain Mr. Kumar was a TDP leader and the serving MLA of the constituency was is Adimulam Suresh from the YSRCP. It was a very bad move from Chandrababu Naidu if he thought no one would find out. Its no surprise that people keep asking who is 420 in AP. If you loot at the number of scams in AP during the rule of Naidu, you will get a clear picture.

Special Development Funds Misdirected

This is a classic case of misidentify, except its not. It was not a confusion that happened. These things don’t happen just like that. It was the arrogance and reluctance of the then CM Chandrababu Naidu to undermine the opposition. He and his party were blinded by the power and refused to acknowledge the existence of an elected MLA, just because he didn’t belong to his party.

By doing this, Naidu govt had set a very upsetting precedent. The CAG had already branded the state is the most corrupt in the country. This act was just another of the many acts that the TDP govt performed to loot public money. He had allowed the losing TDP member to be called as the MLA, which he was not.

The funds though went to the wrong person. As per the G.Os, the TDP leader who was posing as the MLA, received the development grants. The TDP govt had issued a whole total of Rs. 603crores development grants to 67 constituency leaders. But more than 50% of the funds ended up warming the pockets of the corrupt TDP members who were not even MLAs.

As per the record, the rightful MLA was Adimulam Suresh from Santanutalapadu constituency of Prakasam. But the Government Orders were showing that the TDP leaders as MLAs in the constituencies that was actually won by the opposition party YSRCP.

Faulty GOs and the Open Loot

The only way Chandrababu Naidu could release the funds and let his TDP cronies get the cream was to fake the Government Orders or the GOs. This was not the first time that it had happened.

Here is a list of it:

  • Srisailam MLA was Budda Rajasekhar Reddy of YSRCP, but the GO has issued Rs. 2crores to Shilpa Chakrapani Reddy, calling him as the MLA.
  • Again, the GO has granted Rs. 2 crores to Tuni constituency TDP in-charge YanamalaKrishnudu when the actual elected MLA of Tuni constituency was Dadisetti Raja of YSRCP.
  • In the Dhone constituency of Kurnool district, B. Rajendranath Reddy ofYSRCP was the MLA, but the funds were released in the name of K. E. Pratap, who is also the brother of Deputy Chief Minister K. E. Krishnamurthy.

These acts clearly show who is 420 in AP. Chandrababu Naidu clearly didn’t think that he was part of the largest democracy in the world. He should have respected the choice of the people and shouldn’t have gone allocating funds based on his whims.

This is the charge he cannot deny as the GOs were available for the public to see. Naidu very conveniently changed the status of the MLA and let the loot happen in the name of development.

During his rule, Chandrababu Naidu continued to provide the SDF on paper. He had the power to give funds, but he did not have the power to give funds to wrong MLAs. During his four and a half years of rule, he had not given a single penny for the development of the constituency as the funds went to his party members and not to the elected MLAs.

Defeat in the 2019 Election

His humiliating defeat in the 2019 election was directly related to the incidents such as this. He couldn’t possibly hide the facts as GOs are in public domain. People saw these things right through him. Moreover, his rule was all about scams and corruption. Who is 420 in AP is the questions that can be easily answered.People were fed up with his corruption and tactics and his party manager to win only 23 seats.

More than the corruption, it was the betrayal of the Naidu that hurt the people most. After the bifurcation they had hoped that Naidu will do some good for the state. Instead he backstabbed them all with scams and corruption. People needed food, health and infrastructure. All Naidu gave the was corruption.

Ask who is 420 in AP and you will have the answers.

The Bottom line

This was the classic case of misdirecting the funds in the name of development. Naidu is the answer to the question who is 420 in AP as he had proved with acts. By giving the money to TDP leaders instead of the elected MLAs, Chandrababu Naidu had proved that he was capable of nothing but scams and corruption.

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