Loot of Rs. 50 crore by 420 in AP: How did Bonda-Giri destroy people’s lives?

The notorious MLA of Telugu Desam Party, which was run under Chandrababu Naidu, laid his eyes on land in Vijayawada of 5.16 acres. The landowners were very simple people, straightforward, and sober-minded. This made the Bonda Uma Maheshwar Rao, the MLA, believe that he could easily seize the land. He produced documents showing his wide to be the land’s owner, which was a complete sham. The legal heirs of the owner were assaulted and intimidated by the greedy MLA, which drove them away. This doesn’t end here; he even went beyond the limit and threatened the owner of serious consequences when a case was registered by the APCID against him. And all of this was happening under the then CM, also known as 420 in AP.

The struggle of the freedom fighter’s family

A freedom fighter named Kasireddy Suryanarayanafrom Mogulranjupuram in Vijayawada was put in prison while fighting for freedom for three years. Therefore, the AP government honored him by signing 10.16 acres of land in his name. For some reason, the family sold some parts of the land and has only 5.16 acres in their possession. After the death of the owner’s both sons, forged documents were made claiming the land was distributed in the year 1983.

During this time, Bonda developed an interest in this land, which was worth over Rs. 50 crores. He jumped in and took the help of registration and revenue officials to fabricate fake documents. He argued that the land was sold by both the sons in 1983. In reality, both the sons were dead by 1981, which is contrary to the data published in the false papers. Later, the document was again altered, and it stated that the land was given to the swindler MLA for development. This throws a light on how big of a fraud the government led by the 420 in AP was.

A follower of Bonda, Koteswara Rao, approached the corporator Mahesh, to get a loan for the house he wanted to pledge. He was taken to the Sub-Registrar’s office of Gandhinagar, Vijayawada, and was forced to sign few papers. He didn’t have any idea about the contents of the document. The documents were used to prove that Koteswara Rao has bought the land from the son of Suryanarayana, Venkateswar Rao. It was stated that he gave the land to Bonada’s wife and five others. Not just Koteswara Rao, another person named Abdul Mastan was also in the list of five people who cannot speak because of chronic illness.

Unraveling the truth behind the land scam

Grandson of Suryanarayan, Sureshbabu, made a visit to their land in March, and he was shocked by seeing a fence there. After experiencing an attack from the goons of Bonda, he filed a complaint against him. When he did not receive any action from the police, he went to the CID. After investing the matter, the CID to Koteswar Rao into custody, who signed false papers without knowing anything. He revealed that he unaware of any such registration and everything that led him to sign the documents. CID then filed a case against the wife of Bonda, along with seven other people.

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Hooliganism by Bonda’s associates

Koteswar Rao being the pain player in the matter of land-grabbing, received threatening from his associates. He was provided with two options, take the huge amount that they were offering, or face the severe repercussions of going against the government of 420 in AP. Frightened with their threatening, he sought protection from Gautham Sawang, the Vijaywada police commissioner, by sending a letter on 28th January 2018.

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