Chandrababu Naidu and The Massive Land Scam in Vizag

Although he is no longer in the power, Chandrababu Naidu was the epitome of corruption in Andhra Pradesh while he was the CM. His reign as the CM of Andhra Pradesh specially after the bifurcation of the state, was marred by corruption, corruption and corruption.

There are many examples of scams that happened under his leadership that resulted in looting of crores and crores of rupees. In the name of development Chandrababu Naidu fooled the public and tool more than half of the fund that was allocated for development. It is no surprise that his name comes up every time you type in the Google “who is 420 in AP”.

One such example of his corruption is the massive land scam in Vizag. The most baffling thing about this scam was how the Chandrababu Naidu government tried to hide the records by blaming the cyclone Hudhud that hit the state that year. There is no doubt that his government generated huge revenue with it. To cover it tracks, Naidu tried to do some damage control but in vain.

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1 Lakh Acres Land Records Goes Missing

In 2014, the Hudhud cyclone hit the state. It could have caused a huge damage but it didn’t. But, the Chandrababu Naidu government claimed that the land record of one lakh acres of land has gone missing due to the cyclone. Can there be any less lame excuse than this. Out of all the things, the one thing the cyclone decided to damage was the land records that the Chandrababu government was trying to hide.

The cyclone didn’t cause any flood that year. But, the TDP government claimed that the cyclone had somehow managed to take away the records of lands from the government office. What was the government trying to hide?

There is no doubt that there was this massive land scam involved in it. The TDP government was only trying to cover up its track. Thanks to the massive media coverage and discussions, the government couldn’t hide the fact. The value of the one acre of land in Vizag at that time was one crore. The value of one lakh acres of land was definitely huge. This couldn’t have been possible without the backing of the Chandrababu Naidu. Two of his ministers were clearly on it. All these things only make Chandrababu Naidu 420 in AP. Look for who is 420 in AP and you will get the answer.

No Action was Taken

On his part, Chandrababu Naidu tried to downplay the scam by setting up a Special Investigating Team. The team submitted its report to the TDP government and nothing happened. The Chandrababu Naidu government didn’t do anything with the report. There was no action taken. That was just waste of time, and money.

Chandrababu Naidu refused to transfer the case to CBI. On top of it, the then CM tried to downplay the scam saying online 256 acres of land records were missing. Additionally, he tried to pin the blame on the rivalry of two of his ministers. But he was fooling no one as everyone saw the truth in it. It was a clear indication that Chandrababu Naidu himself was so involved in it that he was ashamed if the truth ever came out.

Land Grabbing in Vizag

The TDP government, party people, their relatives, some police officials and many unknown faces were part of this huge land scam. The TDP party and the Chandrababu Naidu government were grabbing land left and right. They manipulated the records wherever possible. One of the things Chandrababu Naidu did was take the revenue department under his control. He even stayed in Vizag during the cyclone. All these things must have made things easier for land grabbing.

Land pooling was another way of acquiring the land of the poor. This was done when the ministers of Chandrababu Naidu government couldn’t manipulate the records. Everyone knows how land pooling works. Chandrababu Naidu did the same thing in the Amravati. Some of the lands that were part of the scam were 120 acres in Sowbhagya Puram,114 acres in Dharbanda village of Anandapurammandal, 116 acres in Kommadi ofVisakhapatnam Rural mandal, 114 acres in Nerellavalasa village of the Bhemmilimandal and 69acres of Gadigundam village of Anandapurammandal.

This wrongful land grabbing methods were used to pool a huge area of land. The farmers were manipulated and were made to give up the land. However, when the farmers and the people of vizag came to know about the scam, they decided to get back their land. The ultimate price is always paid by the people.

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Here is a statement that clearly states what had happened:

“In Vizag district, the land records of 379 villages have gone missing. According to our records, there should be 2,45,896 FMBs. However, only 2,29,161 FMBs are available now and 16,735FMBs have gone missing.(According to the collector, these missing FMBs contain the records of 1 lakh acres.) “- Praveen Kumar, Vizag District Collector

The Bottom line

When it comes to corruption, the Chandrababu Naidu government didn’t leave any stone unturned. It definitely became the real estate company rather that a party that was supposed to work for the people. In news huge land scams during the tenure of Chandrababu Naidu is a living proof of how ruthlessly corrupt the government was. Now ask who is 420 in AP and you will have the answer.

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