Chandrababu Naidu and the Legacy of Land-Grabbing

Corruption was at its highest peak during the Chandrababu Naidu’s Government in Andhra Pradesh. There was hardly any sector where corruption wasn’t happening. Land scams were one of the biggest scams that happened while Chandrababu was the chief minster of the state. Land grabbing didn’t just happen in Amravati or Vizag, it happened throughout the state. Don’t be surprised if his name comes up every time anyone asks – who is 420 in AP.

The people in his party and Mr. Naidu himself used proxies to buy lands illegally. Friends, relatives, family members and proxy buyers were used to grab lands right and left. During his stint as the Chief minister of the divided state, the Chandrababu Naidu government did everything in its power to loot the state.

Andhra Pradesh was already suffering due to the division of the state and had lack of funds. The people of AP had expected Chandrababu Naidu to help the state come out of the run. The opposite happened and he looted the state with false promises and mounting corruption.

In this post you will find the instances of how Chandrababu Naidu allowed the land grabbing mafia to take control. After this, you will be convinced if his name comes up whenever anyone asks “who is 420 in AP.”

1- Srikakulam land Grabbing

The first instance is the Srikakulam land scam where the relatives of the then state minister MinisterKimidi Kala Venkat Rao eyed a granite hill in Vangara Mandal in Srikakulamdistrict. The land was close to the Madduvalasa project, which makes sense as to why they wanted a part of it.

It is alleged that a close relative of the KalaVenkatrao and his sister-in-law Cheepurupalli MLA Mrinalini was involved in illegal quarrying. Instead of quarrying in the area they owned, they started mining the five acres of landnear Pandavula Konda. After the incident was reported by the media, the mining officials seized the quarry, but the Kimidi family still holds the place. The value of the granite is worth 10 crores. When the place was seized, it had around 60 granite slabs, out of which only few remains. Anyone can guess what must have happened.

Apart from the illegal land grabbing and illegal mining activities, something more sinister was also happening there. In the name of the development, large-scale land acquisition was happening in Kovvadaof Etcherla constituency represented by Kala Venkatrao. 100 acres of government land was already bought using fake documents. Is it any surprise that his name comes up when asked – who is 420 in AP.

2- East Godavari Land Scam

This is another example of land grabbing by the TDP leaders and this time it happened in the East Godavari. The city MLA of Kakinada, VanmadiKondababu grabbed some 47 acres of lands worth Rs. 5 crores using proxy buyers – his relatives. The land originally belonged to the AkulaGopaiah educational society, which had earned the right to the land through Anakapalli settlement court.

The same MLA was eyeing the property of the same society located in the Survey No.230/2. Even a police case was registered against the MLA Vanamadi’s brother VanamadiSathyanarayana and his son,VanamadiUmashankar for digging up land in Malaxmipuram on a highway. As expected, nothing happened and the case was closed. Of course, this couldn’t have happened without the permission of the TDP leader, Chandrababu Naidu. It is no surprise when his name crops up every time you type who is 420 in AP, on Google.

3- Land Grabbing in Vizianagaram

Continuing with the tradition of land grabbing, the TDP leaders under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu started grabbing lands of the poor. They didn’t even spare the lands of poor tribal people. They grabbed land including the hills, fishponds in Poosapatirega, Saluru, Nellimarla, Cheepurupalliand Bobbili. They TDP leaders have converted the grabbed lands into gardens and orchards. After grabbing the land with illegal means, they occupiers were trying to sell the land at profitable prices.

The TDP leaders were also involved in threating the farmers who opposed them. They even resorted to building roads illegally without the permission of the right authorities.  Now you know who is 420 in AP.

4- Vishakhapatnam Land Scam

The Vishakhapatnam became the hot spot of land grabbing after the TDP party came into power. All types of land including the one that government had and the ones assigned to weaker section of the society were ruthlessly grabbed by the Chandrababu Naidu government. Chandrababu Naidu set up a special investigating team to probe, but like always nothing happened. Cases have been filed against the TDP leaders, authorities and people involved in it. Nothing happened as usual, but the MLA got away and other people had to go to jail. You can just imagine what type of government was running in Andhra Pradesh.

The 312 acres of land were owned by the freedom fighters and victims of political injustice in news. Out of the 312 acres of land, 250acres were assigned to ineligible people using fakeNOCs. Many of the TDP leaders were involved in this land grabbing game and all of the got away. The huge land scam in the Vishakhapatnam was done under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu, who very conveniently stayed silent and let the corruption happen. Of course, he tried to pass this off as nothing.

5- Land Scam in West Godavari

In the quest for land grabbing, the next destination was West Godavari. The TDP MLAs, ZPTCs, MPTCs, TDP village presidents,Sarpanches and even Janma Bhoomi Committeememberswere actively involved in this scam. The TDP leaders and people associated with the party were eyeing theGopinathapatnamlake in Unguturumandal. The lake was at that time filled upwith soil excavated at the time of digging of thePolavaram canal.

Lands were purchased here with proxy buyers and the MLAs are still in charge of the lands. Meanwhile, cases were filed against the farmers for cultivating in the land of the ST/SCs. Of course, the papers were forged and the lands were bought under the false pretense.

The Bottom-line

These are only a small fraction of what land grabbing scams the Chandrababu Naidu government allowed in the state. There is more to come. During his reign as the chief minister of the state, Chandrababu Naidu allowed corruption and let the state bleed while his family and party people were rolling on the blood money. Is there a doubt that who is 420 in AP?

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