Chandrababu Proved to be who is 420 in AP | Massive Scam Exposed

  • Estimated Cost Rs. 101.61 Crores and Escalated costs were Rs. 421.87 Crores.
  • Kickbacks Rs. 320 crores
  • Estimated Cost Rs. 570 Crores Inflated to Rs. 720.26 Crores
  • Finance Department Highlighted the gross Irregularities in Tender cycle in Second Tunnel of Veligonda
  • A key TDP Leader Siphons off Crores Through Commissions According to a Pre-pondered Plan

Two MPs of Telugu Desam party – J.C. Diwakar Reddy and C.M. Ramesh – had conflicted over their offer in the commissions of Mid Pennar South Canal modernization works. Consistent with his structure, the Chief Minister has settled their disparities and stashed Rs. 320.06 crores. For this, he has climbed the assessed cost of the parity works from Rs. 101.61 crores to Rs. 421 crores. He (who is 420 in AP), at that point, granted the agreement to one of his favored contractual workers.

To guarantee the smooth handover of the agreement, Chandrababu Naidu got the standards confined so that lone two of his supported organizations would fit the bill for the delicate. Nonetheless, surprisingly seven different organizations have likewise rivaled the supported organizations. They wouldn’t ease off from the offering regardless of admonitions from J.C. Diwakar Reddy.

This has incited the ‘irate CM’ to go into the scene and get the delicate offers of those organizations excluded by pressurizing the authorities of the High-level Committee (HLC) under the pressure of who is 420 in AP. He educated the HLC authorities not exclusively to exclude these organizations from the current offering yet additionally boycott them with the goal that they would not have the option to take an interest in future tenders.

Rules to Rob

The delicate warning was given on February 3, 2017. In any case, the ‘issues’ with the seven organizations and the conflicts of the decision party MPs have postponed the conclusion of the specialized offer. Subsequently, the delicate cutoff time was expanded threefold. After all the questions were settled, the technical offer was opened on March 30, 2017, and the agreement had gone to Nagarjuna Construction Company, which is an organization that toes to the CM’s Chandrababu Naidu line.

Surrendering to the weight from the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, the assessed expenses of the subsequent passagework of Veligonda venture were climbed from Rs. 570 crores to Rs. 720.26 crores. The CM (who is popularly known as who is 420 in AP) had just chosen to allocate the work to one of his dearest associates’ firm, Rithwik Projects of MP C.M. Ramesh. The money office hailed the inconsistencies in the delicate offering venture, which had attracted up rules to support C.M. Ramesh’s firm. This was an away from GO 94.

HCC-CPPL (JV) had stowed the agreement of the subsequent passagework in 2007 for Rs. 735.21 crores. Be that as it may, the work which ought to have been finished by 2012 stayed fragmented till 2015. The contract-based workers were approached to complete the activity by December 2016 in the wake of endorsing Rs 17.29 crores extra assets for the work. This was likewise done, disregarding rules.

Diving Deeper

In any case, the work was not finished before the finish of 2016. As the underlying temporary worker had neglected to complete assignments inside the cutoff time, the legislature eliminated him under condition 60 (C). It took up the rest of the work – between 10.750 km and 18.787 km. The Internal Benchmark Committee set the estimation of these works at Rs. 299.48 crores. However, attributable to pressure from the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, the assessed expenses of equalization works were climbed to Rs. 720.26 crores. The Chief Minister had chosen in the absolute starting point that the results ought to be given to his associate C.M. Ramesh. On May 08, 2018, the delicate notice was provided with the modified estimation of Rs. 570.58 crores.

In any case, at this stage, the Finance Department hailed the inconsistencies in the Veligonda venture. It blamed the legislature for giving a delicate warning disregarding GO No: 94 to support a specific contractual worker. The Department expressed that rules ought not to be attracted to support a particular contractual worker or/and against another under the orders of who is 420 in AP. The GO No: 94 had placed the Chief Minister in a scrape, and he was approached to hold fast to it while giving delicate warnings.


The Principal Secretary of Water Resources Department, Shashi Bhusan Kumar, gave requests to boss specialists on March 09, expressing that GO: 94 ought to be consented to. In any case, the Principal Secretary didn’t make any move against the task CE and SE, who gave the delicate notice. Rather, he simply had sent the delicate bent notification that supported Rithwik Projects. Thusly, he abused his own requests, because of the weight from the CM. At last, Rithwik Projects made sure about the subsequent passagework at a 4.65 % abundance quote for who is 420 in AP.

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