CAG Vs. Chandrababu Naidu – The Endless List of Corruption

The 2019 Andhra Pradesh election was an eye opener for TDP. The people were loud and clear that they will not tolerate corruption, scams and false promises. The TDP government was defined by the mounting corruption while it was in power from 2014 to 2019. In its four and half years of rule, the TDP govt under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu only managed to create a huge list corruption. Naidu also became the answer to “who is 420 in AP”.

While people may not believe the opposition or media citing prejudice, but they did take notice of CAG’s indictment of the AP govt. CAG, the Comptroller and Auditor General of India is responsible for overseeing the use of public money. In its report, it stated that the Chandrababu Naidu govt was misusing the money on all fronts. And, it declared Andhra Pradesh as the most corrupt state in the country.

Apart from CAG, there were other competent organizations that too said that the Chandrababu Naidu’s govt was the most corrupt ones.

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The Amravati Scam

Everyone is familiar with what has happened in Amravati. The huge land scam by Chandrababu Naidu only proved who is 420 in AP. The promise of building the world-class capital city only led to illegally acquiring the lands of the poor farmers and then selling it to the corporates at lower prices for kickbacks. What Naidu didn’t know the CAG was looking at the case very closely.

In its 2015-2016 report, CAG was critical of the way the Chandrababu Naidu govt used the public money. It pointed out several irregularities in his administration. It accused his govt of not using the central funds for Amaravati development projects. What the govt did was submit false accounts to hide its hidden agenda. The govt let the JNNURM fund lapse instead of utilizing it. It was clear that the govt was misusing the money while keeping the public and the Central govt in dark.

The Pattiseema Scam

The list of scams by the Chandrababu Naidu govt seems endless. Adding to the list is the Pattiseema Scam. According to the CAG report, The Naidu govt tool up the Pattiseema lift irrigation scheme in haste just to get some kickbacks. No doubt it was just an excuse to use the public fund and distribute the contracts to his cronies.

The CAG accused the TDP govt of colluding with the contractors to get huge kickbacks. It said that the govt took up the project without any plan. It didn’t consider starting the Polavaram right canal distributaries or recognizing the domestic and industrial beneficiaries. The move only benefited the contractors who earned Rs. 372.02 crore in the process.

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The projects were extended, renewed and so was the cost. All this resulted in making the contractors win more money for completing the same job. Its not hard to see who is 420 in AP when you consider the CAG report and what the govt has been up to all these ears. To nobody’s surprise, none of the projects were completed by the end of the term.

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Irregularities in Excise Department

CAG found out several irregularities in the excise department. Its team had inspected 27 offices of the department and found out massive irregularities of Rs. 1.29 crore in 38 cases. This loss of revenue was due to the fact that the Chandrababu Naidu’s govt was reluctant to do its job. For instance, inspection of nine bars and restaurants in Vizag revealed that the department had failed to collect the 10% additional tax for 2014-15. This resulted in the loss of Rs.39.90 crore of revenue.

In another instance, the CAG found out that the Guntur and Narasaraopet offices failed to give account for the Rs. 14 lakhs rupees that they didn’t collect. The amount they collected were short of the 14 lakhs rupees of the actual amount that needed to be collected. Additionally, they had collected lower amounts for permit room licenses. The CAG called out the govt for failing to set-up any anti-corruption team to tackle the issue. Is there a doubt as to who is 420 in AP?.  

It was obvious that the govt was not willing to take in any action as it was the leader of the whole scam. If you look at the report, you will find that the govt conveniently failed to take any action against people who were somewhat related to the party and its member. This is reason why Chandrababu Naidu’s name comes up every time anyone asks who is 420 in AP.

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Funds Lift for Contractors

The TDP govt made money off the record by giving out contracts to their cronies and extending the project budget to suit the needs of the contractors. The CAG accused the govt of lifting funds for benefiting the contractors. CAG pointed out that the work done by the contractors were not up to the standard. It also said the TDP govt had simply gifted the Gollapally lift irrigation project contract on nomination basis. The project was worth Rs. 47.18 crores, and the compromise in the quality led to the patchy work that the contactors did.

Throughout the TDP’s rule in the state, one thing was consistent – awarding the contractors to its cronies. The Chandrababu Naidu govt bent the rules, broke it and changed it as per its needs.

The Bottomline

Who is 420 in AP? The answer to this question is easy enough of you analyze the rule of TDP under the leadership of Chandrababu Naidu. The CAG exposed the govt for its corruption and scams in the state. No doubt the people voted out the TDP party from power in 2019.

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