420 in AP: The Inside Scoop of the Yellow Mafia that plundered Andhra Pradesh

While TDP was the ruling party of the government of Andhra Pradesh, its ministers managed to encroach about 62,736 acres of land proliferated all across the state within four and half years of time. If we went ahead and made an evaluation of the encroached land, its value won’t be any less than 58,933 crores as per the current market rate. Starting from the ones working in the party to going up towards the echelons in TDP, including the ex-Chief Minister, land grabbing was a norm practiced in Andhra Pradesh then. Those incidents gave us some concrete evidence of who is 420 in AP!

We are all well aware of the facts about the buyout of the election results by pumping massive amounts of funding into the hands of the needy. But, what most of the citizens of the state weren’t aware was about the grabbing of land business started from the state’s new capital –Amaravati, which gradually extended towards the other districts too. This land encroachment activity didn’t leave behind any land that belonged to the state government, let it be the Graveyards or the Temples, or the Lakes. We haven’t even started speaking of the area that was allocated to the poor and the Dalits.

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These grabbed lands were further used to pledge in the banks in exchange for crores of loans issued. Also, the lands were invaded in Amaravati through insider trading businesses. And in Vishakapatnam, it was done by tampering all the essential records. The shocking part is –all the crimes went unnoticed by the one responsible for the state affairs. If we state it in other words, these heinous and greedy activities were basically backed up by the former CM –Chandrababu Naidu.

Granite Hill dug up by the former Minister’s Relative:

The members of the former ruling party –TDP were no less than that of the former CM –Chandrababu Naidu. Minister Kimidi Kala Venkat Rao and his relatives had their eyes on the granite hill located in Vangara Mandal in the Srikakulam district, where the Madduvalasa project was being carried out.

Also, a large area of land acquisitions took place in Kovvada of Etcherla constituency, which was initially assigned for the fabrication of a nuclear power plant. However, the members of the TDP decided that it was better plundering and exploiting all the richness of the land instead of adding improvisations to the state of Andhra Pradesh. And now the people are getting to know all the blunders that were created by the then ruling party and who is 420 in AP has become quite evident.

More than 100 acres of land that belonged to the state government was encroached by using fake documents. The names of leaders, including –Kalishetty Sahadevudu, Gorle Vijaykumar, and Gorle Lakshman Rao, were quite prominent in this context. This wasn’t when the TDP leaders, along with their head –Mr. Naidu decided to stop here. They extended their loot in Tekkali constituency as well by grabbing around 38 acres of land, which was valued at Rs. 2 crores.

The Bakasuras of Land:

Land grabbing was a rampant policy under the TDP governance in Andhra Pradesh, and the saddest part is even after taking oaths –Chandrababu Naidu still didn’t think he should have acted responsibly for the people of the state. His ministers went on a forceful land grabbing spree, which belonged to the poor and the tribal people. Not only were their lands taken away from them forcibly, but the people of the government took away the hills, the fishing ponds in areas of Nellimarla, Cheerupalli, Bobbili, Saluru, and Poosapatirega. The ministers further transformed these encroached lands into orchards and gardens and enjoyed the fruits that were cultivated here.

Vishakapatnam became the district of Land encroachers:

After TDP became the ruling party of the government, Vishakapatnam was turned into the district of the land grabbers. The land that belonged to the government and the ones which were allotted to the weaker sections, including the ones dedicated to the construction of national highway, were all taken forcibly and pledged at the bank in exchange for crores of rupees.

The government was further compelled to deploy a special investigation team so that the allegations of land grabbing were probed. However, the findings of the Special Investigation Team were buried, and the evidence against the ministers plundering the lands didn’t see the light of the day. Many cases were filed against Tahsildar Sankar Rao and BV Rama Rao along with the Survey Inspector –Ganeshwar Rao for helping the TDP MLA of Anakapalle –Peela Govind and his family members as well for tampering the evidence that consisted of the encroached land records.

Bottom Line

Later no actions were taken against the officials or the MLA because after all, we know the answer to the question! Chandrababu Naidu didn’t care, and all he could think of is filling his pockets well from people’s money while he was in possession to take care of it. None of the cases of land encroachment ever stirred the former –Chief Minister to take the matters into his hand and manage the situation because after all, Chandrababu Naidu is who is 420 in AP!  

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